Wells Fargo Credit Card

There are going to be times that getting a credit card will be hard for some people. Whether you have a bad credit history or no history at all will determine just how long you may have to wait before you ever get approved for a card if you ever will. Because these situations are very real, Wells Fargo decided to come out with their Wells Fargo Credit Card-Secured. What's interesting to note about the Wells Fargo Credit Card-Secured is that it's supposed to be for helping people who can't get credit otherwise, yet it has very strict conditions as to whom it will actually help. For some who seem hopeless in getting any credit card, the Wells Fargo Credit Card-Secured doesn't really add that much hope on the horizon as it seems to do from afar. You may think this is a great option until you realize they aren't going to help you out just like all of the rest of them.

If we just analyzed the Wells Fargo Credit Card-Secured from afar we would first notice that they really have a nice APR with their offering. When you see other card offerings at other banks for a secured card you usually see APR's that are larger than the one offered here. This great APR with the Wells Fargo Credit Card-Secured is what should be your first indication that maybe only those who have the best or average credit scores will be able to gain approval for this particular card.


Let's quickly address the issue of late fees. If you get into the whole battle of trying to regain a good standing with your account because of late fees, you may be in for a long arduous struggle. If the account isn't quickly paid in full, fees may accumulate every single day until the account is paid. If you are fortunate enough to obtain this card, making sure to keep the focus on rebuilding your credit should keep you on track for the most part and keep you out of trouble. With accounts like the Wells Fargo Credit Card-Secured will take a lot of discipline in order to stay on the right path.

In the end, discipline will be your best friend when it comes to being able to handle such an account as the Wells Fargo Credit Card-Secured. If you are able to obtain the Wells Fargo Credit Card-Secured make sure to count yourself one of the lucky ones and take full advantage of the benefits while making sure to avoid the pitfalls. Your biggest target to avoid will be the APR which, even though lower than usual, could equal big problems if you aren’t properly focused on your monthly account balances. If you don't focus on your balance with the Wells Fargo Credit Card-Secured it will be all too easy to lose track and fall into the late fees category which will swallow your funds quickly if you aren't careful. Be extra careful with cash advances with the Wells Fargo Credit Card-Secured as well because they can also add up to being big trouble with the Wells Fargo Credit Card-Secured account.